Our Mission

  • 1

    Creating a crypto finance industry based on safety and trust.

  • 2

    Enhancing the competitiveness of traditional industries through blockchain technology.

  • 3

    Developing the first worldwide successful blockchain service.


As blockchain is a new industry that nobody has tried before, we quickly learned what we believed was worth going through within the boundaries of the law and through the lens of morality and ethics. In the process, we acknowledge the mistakes we have made and returned to the right path. We are not afraid of failure or criticism. It is a problem to repeat the same mistake, over and over again, but it is not bad making new mistakes because it proves that we are constantly challenging ourselves and trying new things.

Our Values

Confidence and the will to learn

I am confident, that I will succeed in the tasks at hand, and will be successful amongst competitors from the same industry, and around the world. For seniors, professionalism at their tasks and strong will of learning. For Juniors, foundational qualifications making them fast-learners, have powerful confidence in themselves, and provide maximum effort.

Indomitable responsibility and perseverance

Responsibility pushes individuals to achieve a given mission regardless of the circumstances. Perseverance means you won't ever give up and will eventually get the right answer. Combining responsibility and perseverance you will succeed in the given mission no matter what.

Belief in cryptocurrency and blockchain

We believe that cryptocurrencies will open up a new token economy era, and blockchain will eliminate middleman, enabling p2p transactions and decreasing inefficiencies in many industries. There will be tough times ahead but we will overcome them. We wouldn’t be able to achieve this without a deep belief in this industry.

Effort, effort, effort.

Everything is new in blockchain and cryptocurrency industry because no one has ever seen this before. Most established expertise is not as effective as maximum effort. Whatever your background, anybody who puts in tremendous effort studying blockchain and cryptocurrency will have an advantage in succeeding in this industry.

CEO   Charles Pyo
Address  14, Teheran-ro 26-gil, Gangnam-gu, seoul, South Korea

Investment   14 billion won
Key Investor   DSC Investment, Capstone Partners, DS Asset Management, Premier Partners etc.
Employees   80